Who We Are

Celebrating the Charm of Horses

The early mornings. The late nights.

The life changing highs. And the earth shattering lows.

The hours of grazing, and waiting, and currying and dreaming. And all the moments in between.

There is magic at the barn and in the hearts of our horses. 

They provide a place for young people to find themselves and fortify their confidence. They create a community for adults to form new friendships outside the office or away from a play date.

Anyone captured by the charm of a horse knows it is a lifetime love affair.

A Finishing Touch

We love the French sensibility that life's greatest joys are in the finishing touches. A perfectly chilled glass of white wine. An after dinner bite of chocolate. An effortless whiff of perfume.

We are elegant but discrete. We strive for excellence but value humor as much. We believe the little things matter. And that you should follow what works for you, not trends.

We believe that letting yourself shine through is the most luxurious thing you could do.

And most importantly, we believe - that a little charm, the finishing touch, can make all the difference.